Changing Exam Patterns

1995: answer all questions
2000: answer any five
2005: write either a or b
2015:ONLY read the question

Thanks to Iceman for the thought provoking sms.

Padma Bhushan Mr.Yash Pal seems to have suggested
a mind-numbing(literally) idea of scrapping exams.And
Mr.Sibal is playing "race against time" in trying to
implement the mind-numbing idea in just 100 days.

Like the adage goes "pain is inevitable but suffering
is optional" and hence making exams optional!!!Excellent !
just satisfies the law of nature.

But what makes Mr.Sibal think that kids are pressurised
and in his words "traumatised" by exam is something vastly
beyond rugged comman sense!

The obverse is being conviniently overlooked.
kids are not pressurised by exams but by the famine
of oppurtuties in our nation.A lot of them cant deal
with the consequences of exams more than exams.

I hope a proper discourse
goes into this or he will have to come up with an equally effective way of gauging
a students capabilities,by which it doesnt remotely mean that exams ensure fine minds!!



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Witnessing a long vacation at the brink of its end gives an oppurtunity to reminisce the irreplaceable moments of life and a chance to remorse that we humans are bereft of the power to staunch the flow of time.

A long vacation spent in the college.
A vacation which you never want to see ending but time conspires to fleet fast and furiously just to confute you.But like they say good things come in small packages..!

Its terribly discomfiting to learn that we will no longer be able to

bunk classes,
adorn the canteen,
flick projects,
yank assignments,
devise plans to keep ourselves occupied while the lecturer is mercilessly hammering away,
cram for exams,
work only on deadlines,
fish for petty reasons to irritate your pals,
savour all the rumours circulating the campus,
being chronic last-benchers,
implore for attendance,
unplanned head trips,
flurry around organising events and participating in them....and what not?!

Golden times,Golden memories!!!



This is an extremely illuminating sms conversation happened one night between two friends

verbaliser no.1: "ask for the impossible v'd love to oblige"..nice line aint it?

verbaliser no.2: yeah apt!where did ya find it?or your own

verbaliser no.1: i wish it was my own ,its the tag line of zuri hotels and resorts

verbaliser no.1: gandhi's spectacles r worth 20 lakhs ..our Indians r sentimental fools...wats ta need for wasting so much money??!!
jai ho!!

verbaliser no.2: Those ppl somehow got hold of gandhi's stuff man.Our Indian gov never even bothered to retrieve em back.

verbaliser no.1: il tell you ta story of spectacles..brace yourself..

verbaliser no.2: all ears.or eyes to be precise

verbaliser no.1:There was this great grandson of ta nawab of junagarh who after partition asked gandhi for inspiration....okay?

verbaliser no.2: okay.So gandhi gave his glasses?inspiration?

verbaliser no.1:Bapu handed over ta spectacles to him saying "these gave me ta vision to free india"

verbaliser no.2: How ta hell did ta junagarh guy surrender it to those bloody americans??

verbaliser no.1: Those glasses went into the games of some american who discovered its historical value! okay?

verbaliser no.1: He decides to auction em...N outta nower ta whole of our nation wich din even bother abt em
is feeling guilty all of a sudden!! emotional drama!

verbaliser no.2: bloody drama! if they care so much,why dont they buy it back?Dont tell me they dont hav ta money for tat??!!

verbaliser no.1: now now my dear ...ta junagarh chap din find em inspirational i guess!

verbaliser no.2:bloody hell.Then he should've said-bapu gimme something more inspirational!

verbaliser no.1: oh no no...its comin to India to adorn our crumbling museums!
terz a twist in ta tale...

verbaliser no.1: when v all know wat our bapu has done isnt tat inspiration enough!
but ofcourse v hav ta jhakaas movie viraasat!!

verbaliser no2: wats anil kapoors viraasat got to do wid bapu?

verbaliser no.2: where the hell do they have a museum fit to keep such treasures?some vandal will steal it
eventually! like tagores nobel was!damn the entire govt!!

verbaliser no.1: yeah seriously i remember it was all over ta news for lik 2 days...n then vanished!
thin air! public memory is so short lived!!

verbaliser no.2: Ask them to remember abt movie stars and politics.

verbaliser no.1: ta term is viraasat not anil kapur my dear r u hungry?

verbaliser no.2: oh ok.No sweetheart.Not hungry.Even if I was,id hav to resort to cannibalism.Now you would'nt want dat would ya?

verbaliser no. 1: how would it matter?u can do no harm!ok ok ta story!ta twist...

verbaliser no.2: I might gobble you up then-not that youre tempting.You wouldnt even fill up
half my tummy,ill have to only chew on your bones!wats ta twist?

verbaliser no.1: ta maha twist in ta maha tale of ta mahatma's spectacles is....
ta antiquities and art treasures act 1972...okay?

verbaliser no.2: Elaborate....

verbaliser no1: it doesnt permit a private individual to either import or emport an item of historical value!!ridiculous!

verbaliser no.2: wat if ta item was exported or imported before 1972?

verbaliser no.1: now ta rub in ta tale...Indians don want ta damn contraption of emotional value to go under hammer n they just
wanna buy it off...but u cant coz of ta act!!

verbaliser no.2:Funny!!haha.Ought to giv ta lads who framed that law an ovation.They're creatin so much newsthan they did in their entire living times.

verbaliser no1: dats of no concern since v r trying to import it in 2009!

verbaliser no.2: haha!Use em,bend em,propose em,dispose em.So simple.Bloody Indian bureaucracy.

verbaliser no.1: gandhi shud regret not takin care of his eyesight...u hold on to it till i finish eating...

verbaliser no.2: The entire fiasco wouldnt hav occured if hed worn lenses or had a laser surgery!gobble
up your noodles am loving this!


Email forwards  with colossal company logotypes? …..understandably tolerable!


Spams  with subjects like-“SO HUGE MY BUDDIES WERE SCARED” or




“WANNA FEEL LIKE U’RE IN VEGAS”…..majorly unbearable!!

Thank goodness there are spam filters.


Pop-up windows with snazzily coloured matrimonial websites which practically blind you and downloadable smiley sites which dont make you smile….outrageously irritating!!!

Mighty lord bless the browser designers for pop-up blockers.


Now the most punk,sleaziest,tackiest,the most insanely frustrating,the most exceptionally

Innovative and torturous publicity drive is what I’d like to call “BUY IT OR NOT PAY FOR IT” stunt!!

This is something pioneered by a magazine of cult status namely READER’S DIGEST.

 The strategy involves three simple,VALID and intensely effective steps:


(1)Make a compilation of 4 wretched and distressingly snubbed novels of authors who were born,brought up and are famous on planet mars.


(2)Devastatingly attractive packaging of the above with some freebees.


(3)Sending it across to a subscribed reader who hasn’t renewed his/her account in ages.


The rub lies when this package gets followed by another equally attractive mail consisting of a NOTIFICATION asking you to pay for the order which you never placed

Else promising you serious action!!!!



Following my previous post   I recieved a mail from a friend presenting to me an obverse of the issue which was stunningly neglected.Here it goes....

"well each person interprets this kind of a protest differently! Like
you've said that you're confused why they chose the colour pink, I am
confused with one more thing, why did they choose that particular
garment to represent  "women". It sounds dirty, or vulgar even, first of
all because it is a piece of clothing, since it is used in intimate
areas... and second of all, the colour is something which subtly hints,
anatomically, at womanhood. so the combination of the garment and the
colour has many overtones which does not really go with the protest. If
you understand all these inner dimensions of what is being presented to
Mr Mutalik, you'd probably think that this is somewhat of an "in your
face" effort to make those Hindu fundamentalists get used to the idea of
powerful, independent and social women.
How about this? well, if they really wanted to represent the protest
made by cosmopolitan women against people advocating Hindu radicalism by
an object or a piece of clothing to be precise, I feel they could've
chosen something like the Little Black Dress, or an Evening Gown, or May
be perhaps a cheap Wedding Gown?? well, those might be costly, but then
they're really speak for themselves.
Besides I was not impressed because, you cannot be sure everyone buys
new garments to send. I'm quite sure there would've been women who
would've sent what they would have been using..... In the view of the
protest and the want to insult the Hindu outfit for violating women's
rights it is the right kind of thing they deserved. But then, not to be
forgotten is the fact that having done such a thing they have well and
truly gone against the term "ladylike".
AS I said before this is my interpretation of the events that happened
after the attack. You can say that extreme situations call for extreme